I am noticing that, given the dumpster fire nature of the world these days, it is hard for folks to not be perpetually exhausted. And not just physically tired – people are tired sometimes deep in their bones and souls. It makes sense that many feel this way, depending on the nature of their individual situations and the impacts of a pandemic and civil unrest.

Compounding this factor, for those at home with a significant other is the inability to get a break from your partner. For the last six months, many folks have been at home in an almost unrelenting capacity with our partners. Many of the couples I work with are now both exhausted and struggling to connect with their partner. Again, it makes sense to me that when we get no breaks from anything that we are tired of everything.

But I give many credit still – they want to have sex despite the exhaustion and the never-getting-a-break. We talk about all the ways people can connect given all different contextual factors, the range of sexual play and activity available. I also discuss the idea of have tired sex or sex play. Yes, it is possible to come to the proverbial table, tired AF and still managing to have a bit of fun. Whether you choose a position that accommodates one partner being physically tired, both partners being tired, or you choose a sensual activity like bathing or showering together – there are options if you’re willing. Below is a link to the original article I wrote about best positions for exhausted parents. While not everyone is a parent, most people have experience with exhaustion and might like a fun reprieve.