We are both in-person and virtual sessions and will check your benefits for coverage.

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We’re not just any practice. Relationship Reality 312 was established to help people like you who want a happy relationship and satisfying love life.

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We offer relationship and marriage counseling for singles, individuals, and couples in Chicago. Your relationship and happiness are important to us. Whether you are having trouble meeting a potential partner, are wondering if you should take the next step in your relationship, are struggling with managing your anxiety or depression, or have been rocked by infidelity or a loss, we can help.

Working with a relationship therapist is a way for you to take a closer look at yourself (it sounds scarier than it is), your part in your relationships, and the patterns and obstacles in your life. We work with singles, individuals, and couples.

We Get Results

Our team consists of therapists dedicated to continual studies of what makes relationships work. We give you this information, based on decades of research, and teach you what you need to have the kind of relationship you’ve always wanted. It is possible—let us prove it.

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A Better Reality

In our fast-paced society, the demands on our time can leave us feeling disconnected from our partner. It takes conscious effort to put a relationship first. This 365-day tip book offers practical, insightful, and quick tips to help you stay connected to your partner and make your love last. First Comes Us caters to the needs of couples that are too busy to make one another feel appreciated and loved by showing they can close the gap in seconds or minutes per day.

"My husband and I found Anita when we were at a very dark place in our relationship; we weren’t sure if we could ever get back to that place that brought us together.  But with Anita’s help, we are closer friends, better lovers, and our partnership as parents is stronger than ever.  We appreciate Anita’s patience, her amazing knowledge, and her practical tools which helped save our marriage! Thanks Anita!"
"Jeannie is clear and direct while also kind and empathetic. She isn’t afraid to push through discomfort towards truth and connection, which has made a lasting impact on my marriage and my own identity seeking. She asks hard questions, listens with compassion, and gives me hope in every situation without fear of judgment. I am so grateful to have her in my corner!"
"Apollonia is compassionate, willing to listen, and offers great advice. She not only helped me gain a clearer view of myself particularly in dealing with conflicts in a relationship, but also gave me useful tools to improve my relationships with my romantic partner and my parents."
"RR312 provides therapy in a way that I always had hoped would be provided. They set the bar high. Other providers failed miserably."
"I had been struggling within my relationship as well as loving myself. Hollie helped me get out of my 'rose color glasses' to really see the reality/bigger picture of things in my relationship. She also gave guidance on how I can find my voice and go about standing up for my own needs. Whenever I talk to her, I feel more confident and stronger in myself."
"I will forever be thankful for the impact Gabby had on my life. Working with her over the last several months has created tangible changes in my daily life and vastly improved my self-esteem and overall quality of life. I can't overstate how deeply appreciative I am to have had the opportunity to work with Gabby. "

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We are both in-person and virtual sessions and will check your benefits for coverage.


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