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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect in therapy?

In the Initial Consultation, you’ll meet with your therapist and give information about what brings you to therapy. We’ll get the highlights so that we can already begin mapping out how to help you. We’ll talk about your goals and give you ideas about how we can get you to achieve them. If you think your therapist is a good fit, you will schedule another session. All of our therapists are highly engaged in working with you to achieve your goals.

How long will I be in therapy?

Despite popular belief, you won’t be in therapy for years. Our ultimate goal for you is for you to not need us except for the occasional check-in if desired. Because our work is based on evidence-based treatments (meaning our approach is proven by research to be highly effective), most of our work with clients is brief. Some clients are looking for answers and come in for 1-4 sessions to start. For others, it can take 6-12 sessions to learn information and new skills to reach your goals. And for others longer therapy is needed. It really depends on your goals. We will work with you to determine what is best to ensure long-term change.

How often will we meet?

To make the most progress, we typically start with weekly meetings. We want to get a good idea of what’s really going on and develop a game plan to help you achieve your goals. As you practice more and more skills in between sessions, we move to bi-weekly, monthly, and then you come in as needed or you can terminate. We will work with you to ensure that the frequency of sessions works for you.

What kind of clients do you usually work with?

Despite what you see in the movies, therapy is not “only for crazy people.” High-functioning people find many benefits from therapy. The clients who work with us sometimes just get stuck and they feel like they’ve exhausted all possibilities. We would love the chance to help you get unstuck and make your love life even better.

Can I pay for services out-of-pocket?

Yes. Self-pay is a desirable option if you value discretion and feel concerned sharing your information with health insurance companies. Limited sliding scale fees are also available and based on income level.

Can I use insurance?

Yes, but please note you need to qualify for a diagnosis in order to use insurance. We are in-network with BCBS PPO and Choice, UnitedHealthcare, and Aetna. Prior to the Initial Consultation, your therapist will do a courtesy benefits check to get a quote from insurance and determine your payment responsibility. If you have a different insurance plan and are interested in submitting out-of-network claims, we will provide you with a receipt for services rendered after you pay the session fee in full. Your insurance company would then reimburse you. To ensure accuracy, we recommend checking with your insurance company before the Initial Consultation to determine your out-of-network benefits.

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