We understand you may be skeptical. After all, what can a therapist tell you about your relationship?
Relationship Reality 312 uses research-backed tools to help you achieve your goals.

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Some people try to figure things out on their own—they think they’ll get the answers in just a matter of time and if they think hard enough about a problem. The problem with that is that you don’t know what you don’t know. Time will not change things. Knowledge will. Let us teach you. We’re different than other practices in Chicago because we use research-backed tools to help you achieve your goals. You can stop living in unnecessary pain. Here’s a tiny sample of what we can teach you:

The behaviors that predict divorce

How to rebuild trust after infidelity (yes, it’s possible)

The most problematic communication pattern couples engage in

A frequently common—and fixable—characteristic of people who cheat

How “communication problems” is usually about other things

How to prevent the causes of divorce for people married less than 7 years and those who divorce in middle age (they’re different)

Other areas that we can help you with include: feeling disconnected from your partner, figuring out if you can make your relationship or marriage work (even if you are not together or separated), divorce, healing from an affair, rebuilding trust, effective communication and conflict resolution, sex (desire discrepancies, unmet expectations, erectile dysfunction, genital pelvic pain, premature ejaculation, etc.), infertility, substance abuse, addiction, bickering over small things, feeling unappreciated/taken for granted, deciding who is the “right” person to marry, figuring out why you are single, healing from a break up, anxiety, anger management, pre-marital counseling, depression, including post-partum depression, domestic violence, stress management, trauma (past abuse, dangerous childhoods, sexual assault, traumatic events, etc.), parenting, sexual identity, interracial/intercultural relationships, & grief and loss.

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There’s a lot more that we can help with. Use the contact form below to connect with us. Any of the above can be worked on either individually or as a couple. If your partner doesn’t want to come in, it’s ok to leave him or her at home.

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