Affair Recovery

Has your marriage or relationship been rocked by infidelity?
You’re not alone. Cheating is on the rise, with some research citing that at least one partner will have an affair in 80% of all marriages.

If you’re the Hurt Partner:
Are you confused about whether to stay or go?
Do you feel like you’re going crazy?
Are you wondering how it could have happened to you?

If you’re the Straying Partner:
Do you want to understand why you did what you did?
Do you want to save your marriage or relationship but don’t know how?
Do you regret your actions and are ready to seek forgiveness?

These are common reactions and questions people wrestle with after the disclosure of an affair. You may feel helpless and hopeless about your future and what next steps you should take.

We can help.
Forgiveness and recovery are possible. Through research and years of working with couples struggling with infidelity, Anita developed the “Affair Recovery Plan” to help you:

Learn how to cope with the roller coaster of emotions and common symptoms

Learn the must-have tools to prevent future infidelity (and what doesn’t work)

Recover your self-esteem and be healed

Address other relationship/marital issues

Understand why the cheating happened

Rebuild your relationship/marriage

It is important to address infidelity as soon as possible to enhance the process of healing. To set an appointment or talk to Anita and her team call 312.219.3399 or fill out the form at the end of this page.

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