Couples Therapy

You fell in love. You committed to your partner for the long haul and expected to be happily together forever. But now your relationship has problems. Maybe you’re fighting more with each other, or feel you’re more like roommates instead of lovers. Your relationship may be in crisis because of an affair, and you may even be on the brink of divorce.

No one has taught you how to have a successful relationship – until now. The therapists at Relationship Reality 312 have closely studied the work of renowned researchers to bring you key information and top tools to achieve relationship success.

You will learn the necessary skills to:

Find out how to make your relationship/marriage work

Have better sex

Feel more connected to your partner

Have effective communication

Help with painful sex

Better manage your emotions and reactions

Have productive conflict

Help with substance abuse addiction

Manage anger and stress

Heal from infidelity/rebuild trust

Help with pornography & sex addiction

Achieve other goals unique to your relationship

You can have the kind of relationship you’ve always wanted. Call us at 312.219.3399 to schedule your Initial Consultation to get started on achieving your goals and get the kind of love life you’ve always wanted. It is possible – let us prove it.

Couples Therapy for One

Are you in a troubled relationship but your partner won’t go to therapy with you? You’re not alone. Most couples wait too long and by the time both seek professional help, the relationship is on the brink and it’s more difficult to repair.

Don’t wait. You can come by yourself. Give us a call at 312.219.3399 to find out more information and to schedule an appointment.

Couples therapy for one is not individual therapy – the focus is still on your relationship. It is a proactive approach where you will learn how to fix what’s not working.

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There’s a lot more that we can help with. Use the contact form below to connect with us. Any of the above can be worked on either individually or as a couple. If your partner doesn’t want to come in, it’s ok to leave him or her at home.

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Book an appointment below. To ensure you will work with the best therapist for you, please let us know the following: a little bit about what you want help with, such as communication, trust, disconnection, dating, etc.; your general availability; and if you are planning on using insurance. Please leave your phone number as well as your email address as sometimes our email goes to spam. Your therapist will respond within 24 hours. Thank you and we look forward to working with you. 

We are both in-person and virtual sessions and will check your benefits for coverage.


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