My book, First Comes Us: The Busy Couple’s Guide to Lasting Love, has been out for only a week and these are the typical responses I’ve been getting:

  • My husband and I have a 2-year-old. We have no time together without our daughter. And I mean zero, and I can tell our relationship is suffering for it.
  • Having a baby has been a big change for our relationship. At least we realize and talk about it, like we were discussing how we need to show each other as much affection as we give the baby, since we haven’t been.
  • Me: Would you read a relationship book?
  • Male client: No.
  • Me: Would you use my book? It’s a book for couples where you do daily quick tips to increase your feelings of connection.
  • Male client: Sure. I prefer action over reading.

Why I Wrote the Book:

It’s statements like the above that I’ve been hearing in the 10+ years that I’ve been working with couples. Simply put, my clients are busy. Many of them come in feeling disconnected, and they continually tell me that they feel like the romance, passion, and fun is gone from their relationship. These ideals have to be actively built and maintained, but with how busy we are these days, it’s more difficult than ever to put a relationship first. In fact, disconnection is a top culprit in divorce, and one of the most common problems presented to me by my clients. It’s why my book offers a year’s worth of quick and practical tips.

Time and time again my clients report feeling more satisfied in their relationship when they increase their connection with their partner. You don’t have to wait for a weekly date night–you can do it in little ways each day so that you can become the first priority to your partner.

Furthermore, you don’t have to be married to use my book. Couples who live together, with or without a child, can still experience disconnection. They can overextend themselves with obligations to career, family, and friends, with little quality time left over for each other.

And after spending some time using First Comes Us, I would love to hear from you. Let me know how your relationship is doing, tell me your favorite tip, what you learned about your partner, anything! I’m excited for this next year—Cheers to great love!